Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Final Kitetic Type Animation

The following is my final kinetic type animation. Being a long story and not just a simple action, I wanted to make the type coexist on the same plane as the original animation to read as a title sequence.
My final verbs are connect, stretch, and restrain for my leash noun. I tried to execute the hesitation and anticipation element throughout the animation to present a logical understanding of the integration of type and image.

All this was done in Flash because I haven't used Flash before and wanted to delve into and learn a new medium. I chose this digital medium to represent a more cohesive separation of type and image, yet combine them consistently to read as a smooth movie title sequence. I have designed it so that the type starts at the top-left corner and ends on the bottom-right corner.

The timed storyboard process has helped me learn to edit the original animation down and cut out unnecessary images and frames. This has transformed a long confusing animation into a shorter more comprehensible animation that clarifies the narrative of the original design.

I have also learned how to harmoniously incorporate type and image to interact with each other in this 720 x 480 environment to not look like 2 incomplete elements struggling with each other. Also I have learned that Type can say just as much, if not more, as an image can and it can direct the viewer through the story more intelligently than an image can.

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