Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tender Buttons Project 2

Gertrude Steins work in Tender Buttons is the extracting of emotions and little yields of pleasure in ordinary everyday objects, food items, locations, and tasks. For the selection of poems I am choosing them based on cohesiveness of theme. Cubism and the Avant Garde movement being inspired by music and literature, I'm either going with wardrobe or fashion theme and selection of poems to represent the the visual element of literary expression and beauty is pure aesthetics OR music and audio related poems to interpret the inspiration of music brought about from Steins time.
I've also toyed with the idea of purely food, particularly sweet items, as a challenge of representing color of sight, flavor in taste, aroma of scent, and textures of touch. This would be fun to try to represent four out of the five senses with strictly type and one ink.

I've enjoyed the majority of Tender Buttons however my personal favorite quote of hers is "America is my country, but Paris is my hometown."

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