Sunday, September 20, 2009

Final Poster and Final Statement

This is my Final Poster for the Eldar Djangirov Trio. From my research, I am representing Saul Bass-like simple geometric forms of the piano keys and the figures of the trio to the contrasting temperatures in the color palette that represents Eldar's respect and fusion between too extremes of traditional Jazz and a modern instrumental Jazz. The urban influence of his jazz hero's and places where he has lived has given me the idea of the jazz's speed and representing that in an urban way through pedestrian traffic.
I have replaced the crosswalk bars with enlarged piano keys to produce a pun of similar forms, "the piano keys contain the rhythm of the urban hustle and bustle of people moving through traffic." I also liked the juxtaposition of 30 degree angles to give the birds-eye-view a more radical and interesting approach, that gives the poster depth on different planes. It draws the viewer in and forces he or she to participate within the composition. I wanted a mixture of serif and sans serif typefaces to enforces the new and old jazz fusion. I chose a slightly condensed sans serif type for the time and date information and a slabbed serif for the artist title.
The complimentary color palette of a cool blue and a warm orange minimizes the confusion of a typical urban crosswalk and guides your eyes from the orange type "TRIO" to the actual graphic figures who are in the same orange. Over all I am pleased with the continuity of the palette, composition, contrast in type, and narrative in utilizing Rhetoric Semiotics of primarily a pun, somewhat of a simile, etc.
Which now brings me to my one sentence statement: "Hello my name is Micah Barta; I am designing for the Eldar Djangirov Trio and wanted to emphasize the urban rhythm & mood of his music by representing it by replacing pedestrian crosswalk bars with enlarged piano keys to create the interest of a pun in similar forms."

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