Monday, April 15, 2013

Two Baby Bears

Today my friend gave birth to twins. For those who don't know, Emily Webster is the current curator and owner of my gallery of work. An extensive collection of dinosaurs, monsters, astronauts and darling penguins alike. Today my friend gave birth to two baby bears; a little boy and a little girl. I was so excited for her that I decided to illustrate two baby bears for the newest additions to her family. My friend will not be back to SHS for a long time. No one to to share zoo stories with, steal my post-it note doodles from my desk, talk about snowmen, a friendly moose or baby bears; for she is now occupied with two baby bears of her own. So to add one last piece to her collection, there are two baby bears with their backpacks ready for her next adventure… the adventure of being a mom.

Congratulation Emily.

As always, treat yourself to a smile. It's on me.

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