Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Degree Project Brand Brief

Brand Brief: Healthy Hearts/Stress Reduction

Vision Statement:
Everyone will have healthy lifestyles and stress will be reduced to create happy lives, healthy hearts, self reliance, and self responsibility.

Mission Statement:
We will promote self reliance, responsibility, and recreation through having tense individuals set optimistic goals for themselves to cope with their stressful environments, and make mundane/anxiety filled tasks, a fun and beneficial recreational tool.

Brand Essence:
R & R, responsibility and recreation. Don’t worry, be happy. React.

Brand Attributes:
Responsible, Optimism, Viral, Active.

Value Proposition:
Changing your environment, by setting personal goals, will be a self sustaining way to promote a positive substitution for stressful mundane activities. Replacing meaningless tasks with optimistic opportunities to inspire

Guiding Principles/Key Beliefs:
Create - create self reliance, Responsibility - responsible for your own actions and environment, Fun - make mundane activities fun, Positively Pollute - spread the message and pay it forward to the next person, Movement - being proactive towards your own needs and moving towards motivational actions.

Target Audience with 3 Personas:
The Busy Body: the businessman/woman, student, or philanthropist who’s plate is always full and thinks that they can’t create the time to escape or change their environments, or routine.

The Perfectionist: the social pressure and reputation of doing great things, ones who have created the self-imposed stress of performing and delivering greatness 24/7. Those who think that slowing down, don’t know that it is still a reputable act.

The Average Joe: those who aren’t goal oriented and think that special routines aren’t going to do much for them, and put health responsibilities off on someone else like a doctor or exercise coach.

Key Markets:
Social Media sites, physical work environment surfaces, emails.

Key Competitors:
Fun Theory, LiveStrong, American Heart Association, Cheerios, Blue Cross.

Name Ideas

“R&R” - rest and relaxation or responsibility and recreation.

“Got Heart?” - asking or provoking the motivation to act and take responsibility for your heart through reducing stress.

“I Will” - making a promise and setting personal goals to responsibly take control and create your outcome. Filling in the blank; ‘i will _ _ _ _ _ _.’

“ Mark” or “Meet Mark” - using a hypothetical mascot/persona named Mark as a relevant metaphor for making marks and setting goals for yourself.

“Spot” - your personal space or environment, making it your own and work for you as a de- stressing chamber.

“Push” - the psychological and physical pushing you in the right direction, to create self-motivation and reliance to act upon your health and emotional related needs.

“Stress This” - Provoking you to keep an optimistic outlook on, what seems to be, tense and mundane tasks.

“Shape” - the form of your body and form/space of your environment.

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