Thursday, February 17, 2011

Networking/Interview/Shadow Plans

My internship with Reactor Design Studio has provided me with wonderful networking opportunities. Being the intern of The programming director, of the AIGA, I have been exposed to, and met with, creative directors, designers, and creative venues. I have several options right now for interviews and shadowing creatives. I have recently been in touch with Char Jackson, Creative Director at Hallmark, Zack Shubkagel of Willoughby, and Tom Gehring of Gehring in Austin. Seeing that our spring break trip is coming up, I might be interview with Decoder Ring, or McGarrah Jessee. So I think it would be wonderful to interview with a local and regional studio. I would like my shadow to be in the creative field, but not directly in design. I was thinking more of an illustrator, maybe someone like Tad Carpenter. I have all these contacts info, and have already made initial contact at some point. From here, its finishing my identity, portfolio, and then sitting at their desks talking about myself and work.

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