Sunday, February 20, 2011

Designer Bio: Senior Show


I'm purely a nomad at heart. From Hawaii to Florida, Colorado and now Kansas City, navigation has always been a prominent part of my life. Design has taught me that navigation is important by creating clarity. Whether its navigating highway signage to a friends house, or navigating through spice labels that go in your moms recipe, I believe designers have, not only an obligation, but a responsibility to create clarity and dispose of confusion helping others navigate more efficiently through life.


Half Hawaiian, half Texan, and being everything else in between, design has taught me how important identity is. To know your responsibility and role in society by educating the unique social progression and purpose of everything, and everyone. My love for identity and community advocacy has shown me the impact that design and clarity has and how to apply it socially, to help others know who they are, know their strengths, and exploit their power/influence to navigate more efficiently through life.

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