Saturday, October 9, 2010

3D Model: Reflection and Relevance

This 3D model is based upon the "trophy room" aspect of our website, trying to find specific catches posted by users.

The user is the outside cup and the entire wheel (which could potentially be a sphere) revolves around the user. Each cluster of cups represents a specific group of fishermen categorized by experience, location, etc. The idea is to peruse and turn the giant wheel of groups to find a specific group, then you would travel through a specific user (through the cup) to different levels/layers (discs) which represent all of his catches (discs on skewers represent each catch). By auditing all catches at once you can now click on an individual one which will bring you to that specific catch and a broad spec sheet of fish stats, user comments, etc.

Level 1: the user (external cup that rotates around)

Level 2: different clusters of fishing groups made up of individual members (each cup in a cluster is a single user).

Level 3: search through all of that users catches (discs on the dowel rod).

Level 4: the specific trophy/catch (center cup)

I asked myself what if searching for trophies or awards could be 3 dimensional/spherical and almost like peeling through layers of an onion to get to the center, which is what your goal was. Doing an audit of the circumference of the sphere first to thoughtfully make accommodating choices through careful organization. But instead of peeling away layers, the navigation would be more thoughtful towards the subject matter, (like Michael McCoy talked about in the start of his presentation), and reference the ease of navigation - would be like "shooting fish in a bucket;" because each set of catches is in its own individual bucket (or starbucks cup). So each layer and choice set is carefully catered to your search criteria.

I used cups and going through them after reading Windows & Mirrors, when they discussed looking through content and an interface instead of at it. Creating more natural and 3D experiences/ interaction that mirrors how we operate in our own reality.


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