Wednesday, October 6, 2010

External Conversations: Rosedale and Prototpye Brainstorming.

So far I've contacted Jane from the Rosedale Congregational Church, Wendy from the RDA, Joshua Rosedales new Vista. They have all given me a great deal of info on how many library hubs both church, community, and academic were willing to allow books to be checked out of their own pantry, but they haven't mentioned anything about hosting book clubs meetings, or just a general hub to facilitate some sort of book exchange meeting amongst community members. We have found out from Wendy that most schools wont allow general community members to check out books, so this helped narrow down our prototype solutions greatly. Josh and I started a little email brainstorming about how we can educate on the possibilities of current materials that the kids already have to create book bags, covers, creative activity books, etc to share with one another; and also as a creative outlet to express how they think and how they can build self confidence.

So far we have had no nibbles from our messages to Frank Rushton, T.A. Edison elementary schools, as well as the Librarian at the Dykes Library. But we are still pushing.

So so far, this info from Wendy, Josh, and Jane has helped us narrow our prototypes down to a book bag, with printed info of rosedale library friendly hubs, a book sleeves/checkout pockets for others to exchange creative comments on reading and relative information, and a book drive/essay writing event to promote reading and raise money for publishers to provide some key developmental reading books for rosedale and have the winning essays on "why i love to read" published somehow.

This is primarily what Johnna and I discussed last thursday and friday. We are currently building the prototypes, so we will see where it goes from here.

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