Monday, September 6, 2010

Fishing Community (Individual)


Persona Image:

Persona Text:
    A) Russell Haynes is a 20 year old college student, studying wildlife.
Kansas City, Kansas
Works as a shipping clerk for UPS
Lives with his family of 4
He is very active in outdoor activities and is very familiar with fresh water fishing.

    B) Chris Barta- is a 50 year old Human Resources Director
Denver, Colorado
He lives in the suburban middle-upper class community.
Married with two kids, one in college, and another working.
Earns just around the five-to-six figure mark
This nomadic businessman is no stranger to the salt and freshwater fishing communities.

Needs  for community interaction - Desires & Values:
A release or escape from the 9-5 workday
Pride in competition.
Good physical exercise
Maintaining nutritional health
Providing food for the family.
Educating others, and learn from others.
Love interacting with nature.

Needs for successful activity involvement:

Tools: Fishing pole, net, tackle box, hooks, floaters, weights, bait, lure floating vessel... Fishing License, location permission, a map, motivation.

Emotional Safety:
For Russel the competitive nature gives him a sense of achievement an values this integration into fishing camaraderie with others in the community.

Chris grew up fishing as an occupation for his grandfathers seafood restaurant, the nostalgic outlet of fishing is more of an emotional sense of memorabilia and security.

The therapeutic release

Sharing this traditional pastime

Having healthy competition

Belonging & Identification:
 From shared symbols and motives, Russel and Chris find themselves in a generation gap and teach each other about new fishing technologies and equipment, traditional techniques on netting and bait, talking about specific fishing hot spots, and leaving with an accomplished stench of fish and water.

Hats for sun protection, shorts or water proof fishing apparel, hooks or lures in hats, keychains, or vehicle, fishing poles leaning against car or house, sun burned/tan, callused hands from fishing lines and hooks, smell like water or fish, fishing vocabulary.

Environmental: location, weather, accessibility, maintenance, season.
Legalities: wildlife regulations, seasons, behavior, license.
Emotional: motivation, health, stress, sport, nature.
Social/Communal: respect, revenue, knowledge, tenure/seniority, sport, hobby.

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