Friday, September 24, 2010

Brain Storming and Reference sources/ideas


1. An activity book to hand out to kids that lets them color in things, draw photos, finish sentences, ect. This booklet will include goals, dreams, planners.
2. Reading exchange plan. Kids will be given a book with a pocket attached to the back of the book that has a paper of some sort in it. The paper can be a place for the kid to leve a note, message, picture in the book for the next kid who reads it to find and perhaps create a bond.
3. Traveling book club/ afterschool program. This would be where once a week a different location will hold the program. Will be a place for kids to go and read or interact with other kids. Perhaps a school bus will offer travel to the location each week.
4. Kids can create their own book, story all together, these will then be exchanged to each other to let kids read each others story.
5. Book bag as a keepsake incentive with in-going/out-going pockets. This book bag could possibly have a map with locations of library hubs within the community,
6. Social Networking Library Cards, YMCA card for libraries, affiliated with the 39th Street Crew. These cards will list book preferences, which library hub you are from, etc.
7. Book Club, common book distributed and discussed once a week at different locations.
8. Rosedale Mobius system, where kids can request books and once a week these books will be found by other libraries and transported/distributed to specific library hubs for pickup.
9. Designing a book drive to get donation for new materials. From country clubs, to bookstores, to local residents, we will try to create a city wide book drive so that rosedale children can have new material.
10. Have an essay contest of "why do you love to read" partner with organizations such as No Child Left Behind, to I Love To Read Literary programs. The winners and judges will process and publish.
11. Find a really important developmental book and write to the publishers as a tax-write-off to donate a number of editions to rosedale.
12. Public Domain books, can be published so much cheaper and easier through publishers and stores like barnes and nobles.

    Rachel - Rainbow Mennonite Church
    Jane - Rosedale Congregational Church
    Amy - Dykes Library (librarian)
    School kids in general
    Principals from elementary schools.
    Peggy - Kstate Research and Extension

    Libraries (not just in Rosedale)
    Web comparison  systems and studies.

    What type of programs do you currently have in place?
    What types of materials and services do they provide?
    What seems to work?
    What are your thoughts on why these kids aren't reading?
        - accessibility (location, transportation)
        - substitutes (tv, internet, other activities)
        - motivation
    What do you see a lack of?
    What much traffic do you currently have with your materials/programs?
    Who else do you think will help, benefit, or be excited about this?

    Youth friends organization
    DIane Richardson -
    Megan - Phoenix Family Public Housing kids programs
    Rosedale ridge apartment developmental/after school program
    Quiet Time with kids
    Swope Reading Program
    Rosedale Congregational Church - Small Library
    Rainbow Mennonite Church - small Library
    RDA - open room for activities
    T.A. Edison elementary - library
    Frank Rushton - Library
    Rosedale Middle School - Library
    Boys Entrepreneurial Program
    Kansas City wide bookclub

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