Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Round Community Model

Fishing Community:

From individual to the community and vice-versa.
    -Organization Structure
    -Historical Consciousness

Historical consciousness: Membership and Boundaries

Historical consciousness is the general outline of our communities element that shares a common bond. Once aware that our membership of sharing motivational interest in fishing for sport, a means to survive, and a relaxing pastime, our boundaries of common motivations are set and create a community. Our community can be made up of anyone, and can be found by anyone through our hub of a website. This means of marketing/communication in the community is something that individuals long for, a convenient step inside this new sense of belonging. Utilizing the web as a tool, we reach a greater audience and give our members a sense of emotional safety by systematically creating a strong brand/identity through these technological means of communication.

Organizational Structure:

Our consciousness leads into an organizational structure, after giving the personal investment of fishing and sacrificing your time and energy, you now have a role in your society. Whether it be part of the local community and actual fisherman, retail suppliers who give us the literal tools to perform said activity of fishing, or a representative of the government creating a beneficial set of rules and regulations so that the community as a whole can have the best experience in fishing as possible. Having specific roles and specialities gives each individual an equal responsibility and credibility in the community to have influence over other. This responsibility has the undertaking of recruiting more individual members into the larger community.   

As stated above each individual has their own role of influencing others and promoting a positive and credible reputation for their community. The levels of communication from one another are as follows: Supplier/ source to user, user to user, user to non-members, and user to environment/action. Utilizing such technologies as cell phones, iPhones, and iPads, one can connect with others in the community to better their activity, educate, document, and inform.


What motivates the community and the individual is important, informing and promoting what the benefits and greater good of this community and activities are is vital to building and maintaining a healthy community. Sharing these goals with others through whatever means/tools is what connects the individual to the community:

Pride - in sport, recreational activity, confidence within the community.
Well Being - nutritional food supplement, and healthy physical activity.
Entertainment - sharing a traditional pastime with other for the sheer purpose of goodwill.


Tools of communication based on the community/individuals needs and wants :

The Hub (Web): Access maps and locations to fish, fishing season calendar and weather/tide charts, user profiles, uploading content or "biggest catch" photos, instructional content on how to fish and educational information on the correct equipment, fish chart, user generated popularity chart/forums (for tools, spots, bait, etc), equipment list/chart, suggested retailers for equipment and wildlife restrictions/requirements.

The Field Device (iPhone/iPad): Photo recognition software to find what fish you've caught, size chart, digital fishing license, upload your catches (images) to your user profile on the hub, cycle through equipment catalog on-the-spot to find right lure/etc, water depth chart/real time tide and weather chart, user-to-user connection/informant (to give hints, advice, good fishing holes), maps to locations (water ways, fishing holes, docking stations), and rating system.

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