Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Katherine McCoy Subsubculture Workshop: Cab Drivers

So far only thumbnails utilizing different icon taxi cab imagery to reinforce supplemental communication values about cab drivers ethics and etiquette. The core values that cab drivers share is the incentive of money. An entire subculture being based off of an occupation is demanding. Such a risky job depending on commission, competition, gas and self maintenance, robbery, etc cab drivers have a rough career and life which is spent 12 hours in the same car seat. The monetary aspect of this is due to gratuity and the ethics used to garnish more wages or the etiquette of giving more to receiving more.

Actual research coming soon...

Thumbnail #1 - the imagery is the "off duty" signage that lies on top of the taxi cabs roofs. The courtesy and etiquette of having the right to refuse service displays the professional courtesy working both ways, from both parties.

Thumbnail #2 - Bringing the viewer inside the cab and giving a detail of the fare meter; the motivation behind etiquette and ethics of earned wages. The rear view mirror helps to reinforce the figural aspect of not introducing the human factor.

Thumbnail #3 - Taxi cabs lined up with the taxi signs in different languages. This element presents the problem of being lost in translation for immigrant drivers in Kansas City. The frustration of language and cultural differences.

Thumbnail #4 - Utilizing symbols of hand gestures to signify the welcoming communication signal, the open hand has many positive connotations in many different countries and cultures.

Thumbnail #5 - Close up of the cab fare price sheet on the car door. This detail metaphorically describes how much worth and value different behavioral etiquette can be weighed and translated into monetary value.

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