Sunday, April 18, 2010

Type Artifact Designs

Pocket Schedule/ Program -

It is an accordian fold booklet that can easily fit in your back pocket so as to not carry paperwork with you during the entire conference.These are just screen shots of the separate panels.

Laptop Sleeve -

Swag or souvenir, lance and I wanted the actual souvenir to be of great use to a designer, so we chose a laptop sleeve. The lining (inside) of the laptop would be ideal to reproduce the pattern on, but it might have to compromise to have it on the front or cover.

Venue Banners -

Used as a way finding system or just completing the poetic reputation of this event, these three-panel banners are an added extra to the conference.


  1. this is developing really nicely! is that M.C? awesome!

    keep in mind the use of your pattern elements in relation to lance's. i actually think his are more meaningful since they're built out of type. but yours definitely look interesting too. the way they move from background to foreground is quite nice.

    i want that laptop sleeve!!!!! make me one.

    looking at the schedule page on your booklet:
    not digging the shadowed "day 1" headers, and that typeface seems odd compared to the other one (univers?). the times are too far away from the events and create an odd interior negative space between those columns. make sure all of your durations have en dashes without spaces, rather than spaces with hyphens.

  2. Your stuff is coming along amazingly. That sleeve is mighty tasty. Swag... teehee. The fourth image down under your schedule title is amazing. I love it. So much.