Friday, April 23, 2010

Progress on Duplicity

Lance and I's conference is slowly starting to tighten up. After much deliberation and many iterations both verbal and physical, we have a concrete idea of final artifacts, designs, and approaches.
Our artifacts are as follows: French Fold Invitation/Poster Mailer with tear off information form, Social networking cards that serve as your name tag (all will be color coordinated), Custom typeface in a True Type Font file, which Lance has done a nice job on, 'Duplicitous,' Conference Venue Banners (three sided to reinforce the term duplicity), Laptop sleeve as a souvenir, and a now digital schedule of the conference in iPhone application form.

The below is some progress work that I've done on the iPhone app and the layout/design of the original schedule will have to change slightly due to the iPhones aspect ratio. I have found a few websites to get the resolution, aspect ratio, and icon style guides for the iPhone applications that helped a great deal.

iPhone App schedule

Duplicitous Typeface

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