Thursday, April 8, 2010

Final Artifacts List

Here is our Final artifact list for Lance and I's Typographic Conference.

1. Name Tag (lanyard or other)
    We definitely need name tags for identification of attendees for the registration list and also to make our networking sessions and mixers easier to co-mingle and also to create dialog between participants and also to identify the event staff.

2. Invitations/mailers (perhaps a dual purpose of a poster)
    Invitations are a must, or else people wont know about the conference at all. This will act as a practical application to inform, but also a persuasive factor to convince designers, etc to attend this event.

3. Pocket Program/Pocket Schedule
    This is part keepsake for the poetic, but mostly to inform the complete details of the conference such as: a detailed schedule of where to be at what times, who will be attending and which speakers and workshops to want to be exposed to, etc. This practical field guide is functional for directions, scheduling and punctuality, and also participant reference.

4. Laptop Sleeve
    For a souvenire, we didn't want to make the standard t-shirt, so we are silk-screening laptop sleeves/bags. Most of our workshops are tactile with non-electrical tools, so we thought that this might be a nice contrast to bring you back to technology to execute these experiments. Every designer and most people outside of the creative field has a laptop computer, so this piece of swag is a poetic piece that serves the purpose of making the attendees feel a sense of novel and timeless participation.

5. Designer Survival Kit
    The other piece of swag is a designers survival kit, which includes a sharpie marker for drawing, an exacto knife for cutting up certain paper/other material projects, and a flash-drive for saving your final documents. This acts as a souvenire and also a practical toolkit to help you through the workshops.

6. Venue Banner
    This is to purely serve the poetic emotional appeal of helping to create a reputable atmosphere so that the attendees feel like they having a special and exclusive experience. These large sized banners will be hung within the lobbies or entrance halls throughout the venue.

Another thing Lance and I have been working on is changing the name of our conference. We've noticed from critiques and bouncing questions and ideas off people that 'Beneath the Surface' sounded too trite, but also confusing to the actual subject matter of the conference. The Name also lt on too much and didn't leave any room for curiosity; it didn't create enough interest.

We surveyed some students of which names would inform the theme of the conference more effectively and also create more interest - the consensus was the name 'Duplicity.'

The definition fit nicely with the core concepts of our experiments and also left room for debate on how to use the element of multiple meanings and perceptions.

Duplicity -
deceitfulness in speech or conduct; speaking or acting in two different ways concerning the same matter with intent to deceive; double-dealing.

a twofold or double state or quality. 
multiple interpretations and vehicles to convey different messages.

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