Friday, April 2, 2010

Card Sorting and Categorizing

After reviewing last years website collections, my categories and options have opened up and created new classes that my neck tie collection could fall under.

My initial categories were:

Style -wide, skinny/narrow, square bottomed, zippered, classic, or clip-on.
Colors - this covers the entire color-wheel with solids as well as combinations.
Size - length and width ranging from L= 51" - 70" and W= 1.5" - 4"
Material - silk, Linen, Cotton, Polyester, wool, etc... this would also contain texture.
Pattern- from stripes, dots, spots, squares, diamonds, crests, grids, lines,     
       mechanical drawing or painting, etc.
Year/History: the year made and the history of the tie or brand.
Location: where it was made, this could define materials and specific style.

My added categories are now:

Machine or hand made - factory produced pr delicate craft of tactile production.
Brand - Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Les Centurions, Sotnick, Puritan, Round Tree York, Max Raab, Oscar Della Renta, Mark, Swing St, K, Arnetta, J Ferrar, Umo Lorenzo, Christian Dior, John Ashford, and Yoyo's.

Price - ranging from $10 - $120.
Target Audience: Male, perhaps female, age, class, status.
Types of Knots - single knots, half windsor, double windsor, pratt, four in hand, etc
Use - strangle people, sweat band, binding wrists to bedpost, a leash for your dog.
Context - of where to wear.

After my Group Critique I've decided to base my entire site around a style guide of different personas. So far, my three categories will be broken into -

3 Categories:

Neck Tie Specs - color, material, pattern, size, style/cut.

Bio/History - the origin of that tie and when was it produced, where was it produced, and who originally wore them.

Statistics - brand, price, machine or hand made, age and target audience, type of knots, contexts of where the appropriate setting for each tie is.

So far I've cataloged 25 neck ties with the majority of this information. My info graphs will revolve around all of these subcategories 'so far.'
I'm sure I'll find new twists and underlaying themes to the site that will potentially modify the current categories and create new ones.

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