Thursday, March 25, 2010

Revised Designer/Artist Bio: M.C. Escher

The Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher was one of the first artists, and graphic illustrators to master optical illusions. M.C Escher known for his mathematically inspired works that were called ‘impossible structures,’ created a whole new art and science of reading multiple messages out of a single form through his playful formulas of perspective.

From his explorations with angles, vanishing points, and multiple planes Escher was a pioneer who created a structural foundation of information that designers and artists continue to build upon today. His eternal studies and research gave birth to many new forms of art and design, which supported techniques of solving creative problems mathematically.

Famous for his endless staircase, illusory illustration, where he made the same object read on three different gravity planes, you can find this and Escher's other works of visual paradoxes in his monumental graphic achievement Metamorphosis. This three volume book series shows his life's work and studies of every mathematical technique and formula available: topology, tessellation, hyperbolic planes, crystallography, stellated dodecahedron, planer gravity, spacial formulas, etc.

His works have married with other designers and artist which have created foundational illusory techniques such as the Necker Cube, the Penrose Triangle, and isometric illusions that are continuously studied today. His works from illustrations to his woodcuts, mezzotints, and lithographs, Escher has redefined the world of art and design through fun illusions and has produced new opportunities for designers to economically solve problems through reduction and conservation of saying many messages within a single form.

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