Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Design Direction & Feedback

The design direction I have chosen since the three web proposals is #3. The concept is based off of the Mondrian Squares of the Modernist movement and formal Swiss layout design.
The entire site is based off of searching through topics, the seven topics vary from: Vignelli's Ideology, McCoy's Ideology, Modernism, Postmodernism, Vignelli's Design Work, McCoy's Design Work, and Philip Johnson (as the bridge between modernism and postmodernism).

In each sub page, such as Massimo or Kathy's ideology, certain highlighted words bring up the option of different commentaries: Massimo's opinion, Kathy's opinion, modernism visual examples, postmodernism examples, and Philip's neutral opinion.

The Work, Modernism and Postmodernism pages are complete galleries with activating overlays for more image options and brief text descriptions. Every topic and opinion based commentary is color-coated to its specific label: Violet = Vignelli, Blue = McCoy, Yellow = Philip Johnson, teal = Postmodernism, red = Modernism, green = Mccoy's work, orange = Vignelli's work.

So thats what I have so far; I am going to work out my revisions from my feedback now:

   Lose the rounded corners on the Home-Button icon
   The consistency between label type size/ maybe just a greater scale difference
   Redesign the arrows on the gallery overlay pages
   Enlarge title on gallery overlay page and add description
   Work out the color coated label system on Kathy and Massimo's ideology pages (for commentary).

Landing page

Roll Over topic
 Roll Over Mccoy Ideology

Mccoy page as is

Mccoy page with commentary

Mccoy page with visual ex & home button rollover

Landing page highlighted Vignelli work

Vignelli work page

Vignelli roll over (full color)

Gallery overlay

Gallery Detail

Landing page in full color

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