Friday, February 5, 2010

10+ Experimental Type Questions

1. Can a font exude retention; how?
2. How can a typeface create a greater awareness over another?
3. Can can the confusing elements of an illusion create clarity?
4. How much influence do multiple planes or distances have over the readability of type?
5. What if you could read the same message out of 1 form from 2 or more different perspectives?
6. How can a sequence or separation of increments create a narrative?
7. How can 3-Dimensional letter forms increase the readability within a 2-Dimensional context?
8. Can multiple messages be read out of a singular form; how many?
9. Can extreme environments dictate legibility, if so what can be done to counteract it?
10. How many messages can be read from a singular form at different distances/perspectives?

 Additional Questions:
11. Why do illusions work parallel with clearity?
12. Why does surface effect legibility, not readability?
13. How can a singular form stand in for multiple letters?
14. Can a typeface dictate "quality over quantity" and how?
15. Why do smaller increments improve retention as a whole?

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