Friday, December 4, 2009

Statement for Data Presentation

My data presentation is to promote pet adoption through the health benefits you gain from them.
The type is the most dominant channel throughout the presentation and acts as transition indicators that carry us from the beginning part of the leash to the end of it which eventually has no dog clipped to it. The music is a supportive element that, lyrics (Let My Love Open The Door), reflect the actual end product of owning a dog and are from his point of view.

I chose photography as the primary source of imagery to put tension and focus your attention on the facts. The simplified white background and black leash leaves no room for distraction and forces you to participate as the viewer. I have photo-shopped one long leash file and dragged it across the stage to produce a sense of movement or panning.

The one thing I've taken away from this project is continuity and timing. I've learned that timing is very important for specific time constraints and the comprehension and anticipation the viewer experiences.

The wide open range of options was fun but hard. The endless limitations was a difficult factor to consider when being decisive. The continuity throughout and HOW you say what you want to say is very important. I've taken a piece from each project this semester and tried to combine them into a solid cohesive video.



  1. Micah-

    the leash being the pan of the facts was a nice idea, look at the letting on the last few lines before the webMD logo

    Cut the web md logo maybe- distracting... what does a web doctor have to do with adopting a pet?

    The last pan that brings on the last fact is kind of awkward in regards to getting the other text off the screen. You could probably fade the blood pressure line to white before the other text comes on. This would also keep the information fresh instead of a pan-to-pan-to-pan flushing of text.

    Nice song choice

    excellent protectors to dogs can lower your blood pressure = a little weird of an overlap, i didn't realize there were two separate facts for a while. different position maybe?

    social and love support.... that reads very awkwardly.

    Good position of text in relationship to the leash on the save a life line- dog is the text, nice.

    Overall: Your text is the right point size and color to make your facts seem non-preachy at all. The music makes the whole thing seem feel-good and makes me want to go get a dog. Narration as a communication tool would have been all wrong for this. You chose the right imagery song and type choices. Technical clean up will make this darn near perfect.

  2. Micah,

    Your piece had a nice clear hierarchy. I like the leash. It's a nice visual that leads the eye through your movie. The simplicity of the white background is also nice, but I wonder if it was in context of something if it would work...or be too distracting. (Say the carpet or on the wall or even in the grass) I think the idea of your type moving in and out and interacting with the leash is a great idea! I know that creating masks within flash was one thing you were really drawn to. (Good practice) As explained by Tyler earlier, I think this is just lacking the fine tuning. I also really liked that you established a beginning "cover letter/splash page" and a conclusing.

    Keep it up!