Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project #4 Final Staement

My Identity is very quiet and centered. I believe that I am a very quietly passionate individual and prefer the simple things in life. My general format is based on a square that mirrors the shape of my logo. The "B/M" logo is very contemporary and I believe it has a timeless quality. I have looked to Michael Graves for inspiration and find myself comfortable with his stunning simplicity.

The cohesiveness throughout my identity is centered and quietly elegant. Every now and then, when a graphic logo isn't required, I have played with the word "art" within my last name for an added element that relates to this field. The brown and orange colors are very earthen and subtle that I believe fits me well with the warm comforting nature.

The colaboration of a contemporary Futura and a traditional Kepler reflects my respect to tradition and fusion to modern. The lower-case subtitles through out my resume and kit give a casual sense of awareness and playfulness.

Packaging is a huge part of my portfolio, I love the sensationalism that pushing the 2-D to the 3-D has upon design and gives a global awareness to my belief that "good design is clearly communicating diversity within continuity."

I have learned a lot this semester and have been pushed to my limits with conceptualizing, work load, and exploration. Although some of these projects have been stressful, I have had a lot of fun this semester and created things, typographically, that I never thought I could produce before.

Leave-Behind Cover letter

Business Card Options

Mailing Labels

Leave-Behind Envelope/Box

Leave Behind-Calendar Promotional Product

 HR Filing Resume

HR Filing Cover Letter

Leave-Behind Resume

Thank You Card

Portfolio Screen Captures

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