Saturday, December 5, 2009

Project #3 Final Statement

From what I have taken away from the communication models, especially the Berlo model, is that even though some might not understand it we all participate and experience all of its components effectively. So from using them as guidelines, My design artifact turned into a Designers Field Guide to Communication. This booklet is meant for an academic environment for students or within a design conference/exposition. I have effectively used my communication model as the base for this booklet. This field guide takes you step-by-step through each component of the communication model and annotates the theory/definition of each component, and explains the real life application of the specific component. Each component has its own spread with a left facing page dedicated to the theory and a right facing page dedicated to the application. I've directly used my post card conversation of the debit card as the visual and text based annotations. The debit card monster from that conversation has inspired me to create a whole new set of icons that act as mascots for each communication component. The booklet is concluded by my original info-graph, which displays a clarity and confusion chart based on the timeline throughout the communication process.

The cover and back cover show the icon set and a shield with the number six on it. This represents the six components of the communication model and the shield reflects the an insignia or sense of authority to highlight that this is a field guide or government issued. The color palette compliments the images color of the postcards. I also thought they were bold enough to exude a sense of authority and felt a little on the political campaign side to give off a propaganda element.

The type used throughout is within the Universe family. I felt that this has a large range to utilize different applications of body copy, display type, and bread crumb indicators. Fette Egyptian is the base for the numerals throughout the book. I thought that they looked dated and complimented the creme colored background of the page color.

Overall I believe that I have met the objectives by creating a visually engaging, multi-page design artifact by my booklet and the appealing icons, and linear layout. I have directly used the communication model and have dedicated an entire page for an annotated reference to the Berlo and the Shannon/Weaver model. And finally my post card conversation was the inspiration and the real-life application representation through out my booklet.

I have learned a great deal of exploration, definition, and communication throughout this project and semester. I believe that I have progressed and have brought a piece of each previous project to the next that has served me well and given me a good foundation of visually communicating different styles and techniques of design.

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