Thursday, October 8, 2009

In-Class Progress

Here are my best six designs for Hermann Sherrer's Fine Tailored Clothing (Fashion). The modes of appeal are Pathos and Logos. Pathos consists of the chocolate drawing the emotion of guilt and temptation from the viewer; as well as the classic painting of Gustav Caillebotte "A Rainy Day," where the man in red signifies individuality and presents a traditional approach to the classic clothing of the time.
Logos contains maps and hints of the German flag to show where these fine garments come from as well as introducing a fabric collage to show the variety of material used to make the clothing.
The compositions change throughout and show the variety of traditional painting, photography, and fabric collages for my image making tests. Photography is typically what we see currently in fashion adds.

I had a very good critique and feedback.  Everyone seemed to like the chocolates idea (Pathos = indulgence, temptation, guilt) with the suggestions that I turn the fabric into a more recognizable article of clothing like a tie or the hint of a monogram. Also work on the typographical elements of placement and type choice to state a clear hierarchy and be cohesive with the luxurious essence.
The red man was dismissed due to the strong message of the chocolates.

For my Logos (Top Row) I have had a few suggestions to combine the jacket piece with the hangar piece to simplify both iterations by hanging the coat, tie, or handkerchief on the hanger. The German map was too confusing and didn't aesthetically look pleasing and cohesive with the fashion theme.

Positive: Hanger hangs on type, crop of business suit and German flag handkerchief, Chocolate theme, luxurious yellow fabric, red wrapper that enforces being clothed, type choice for "Hermann Sherrer," and compositions in general.

Negative: Dark grungy map, confusing cartography lines, type composition placement, "indulge" hierarchy and type choice, confusing yellow fabric with actual caramel, yellow fabric needs to be actual article of clothing.

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