Friday, October 30, 2009


The evils of a debit card was received and re-interrpreted correctly by my partner(or receiver).

My statement (interpretation): Debit cards are too convenient and easily accessible so debt is accrued quickly through temptation of commercialism and consumerism.  This trap is dangerous and destructive to self security and financial status. Debit cards in the end are negative and create the evil antithesis to financial responsibility.

My red palette and vignette frame give the sense of alertness and danger. The tight photographic crop on the card shows the "in-your-face" aspect that forces the viewer to see the photographic details that this evil holds. The slight diagonal tilt  or rotation also implies alertness and a sense of unease. The card being broken is shown from its fractured halves that give a sense of the debit cards foible nature. Its jagged edges lends the biggest clue to how dangerous the card is, its sharp ragged edges reflects that of broken glass or teeth. Overall the debit card acts as a mascot for evil intentions thats' temptations are destructively inevitable.

My message, as the sender, was sent through the transmission of Representational from its photographic nature, as well as Mechanical by actually being sent through the internet. Due to the comment posted by my partner, he understood my interpretation, so no noise problems of the digital transmission and photographic medium were present, or hindered the read and comprehension. His postcard also mirrors mine within the red-ish palette, centered/cropped subject matter, and slight vignette. Its a very logical and appealing approach to the products level.

The Following is my receiver's Postcard and my response.


Hello Mike, I hoped that I did a well enough job at presenting my interpretation on the Debit Card and you've pretty much nailed it on the head! I have had no problems with noise in your or my design. You've understood and reinterpreted my intent of the evil foundation of debit cards and its insecure qualities that it exudes, in a clear and commercially appealing way.

Your design to me says "debt is an evil monopoly."
I particularly enjoyed the insecure qualities you've created by choosing Domo, a commercial and international recognized monster, personifying a sense of danger, evil, and his hyperbolic cuteness representing how easy it is to be attracted and dive into debt and spending.

The red tone continues and still exudes a sense of alertness and danger, while the actual image is a high contrast photo that puts emphasis on the scary/monstrous elements of the fear and negativity that debt brings. The paper bills inside his mouth feels like your account, assets, and all that you have is being eaten away, and destroyed by the the source of sharp debit card teeth. The crop of just his upper torso and being at eye level forces the viewer to recognize the dangers presented; as well as the faded edges and background that focuses your eye on nothing else.

Overall I get the quote "put your money where your mouth is," and that saying is always put into a negative connotation. I like the idea that you've given this evil a face that can iconographically be recognized, to warn viewers about the the dangers of the debit card.

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