Monday, October 12, 2009

Modes of Appeal Progress - Logos and Pathos

I am refining and modifying my designs from the feedback I received on Friday. I have done more dynamic crops and enlargements on the chocolate pieces and have combined the shirt/jacket and hanger ideas. I still have more type and compositional exploration to go, but have a set direction on concept and medium. I would like to explore different aspect ratios and sizes for application of these advertisements. Possibly different magazine mechanicals, Chris also liked the idea of perhaps larger formats such as bus and billboard advertisements or fashion show banners.

Personally, I believe I have gone overboard in trying to combine all the shirt/jacket and hanger ideas and has given me confusion and disconnection. I will simplify and crop heavily, I will take a few steps backwards and reconvene some of the original essence of my thumbnails.

I plan on doing a detailed photo-shoot for this project and working heavily with chocolate and flowing fabrics. I believe the  Hershey Kisses have more appealing curves and depth than the standard square chocolate bar. Next class there will be more perspective, backgrounds, fabrics, chocolates, and cohesiveness in general.

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  1. I like your little text box (indulge etc.). In this class its kinda crazy how this class produces and throws away so many ideas. Sometimes I feel like the final decisions are out of our control. These looks good, don't throw away any of these files (they look useful).