Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gill Sans Mailer Final

Here is my final interpretation for the Gill Sans Mailer! I redesigned the entire front panel to have more continuity with the back panel: repeating the diagonal direction of the alphabet in the foreground and background, the variation in letter size, and the overall layout continuity representing different tracks and directions of the British Railway system that Gill Sans was originally commissioned for. The palette is a high value blue to respectively represent the original British Railway systems blue color and also utilizing the low value red to create an almost vibrating color palette and a new twist on the colors of the British flag.
The country on the back is broken into different buzz words I got from Gill Sans and a few typographical terms. The divisions are not exact to topographic fact, but are close to it and also broken to the British Railway lines throughout England. So overall its an odd mixture between the two that vaguely resemble both.
The front as stated above is a series of large and small type to represent the chaos of train lines and the size of importance between certain train routes. They are screen back so that the analphabetics stand out more on their own tracks in the white-space-gaps.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! (but then I would wouldn't I?)
    I think your redesign is much better.